Explore old myths in new worlds

The Legacy Lost series


a young adult urban fantasy of myth and magic


The old gods died centuries ago and magic disappeared with them only to be remembered in myth and fairy tale. Now the mundane humans rule the world, or so they think. Some gods and supernaturals live in distant realms, while others live among us hiding in plain sight. Worlds hidden within other worlds, one saving the ignorant other was just business as usual for those with this arcane heritage until sixteen years ago. Now a new generation of uninitiated Arcane must help protect the mundane realm with the help of a few retired Marines and other mythical creatures.


The Legacy Lost series is an irreverent coming-of-age paranormal fantasy of a group of Texas teenagers learning about themselves, their arcane heritage, and their family secrets all while trying to survive high school and mythical monster attacks.


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Mayhem: Demigod Daughter Awakened


Book 1 in the Legacy Lost series


A normal teenager finds out she's a coyote shifting demigod.
A vengeful goddess comes after her because of the father she never knew.

Goodbye, normal.

Digital ebook version available upon request through your local library.


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