E.V. Borjon lives in San Antonio, Texas. Ten years in the Marine Corps, two years in the Army reserve as a Combat Medic, and seven weirdly wonderful kids have provided her with plenty of stories to tell.


When she’s not telling stories, she plays trumpet and video games; has interests in genealogy, sci fi, futurism; and willfully explores haunted places, comic cons, Highland games and Celtic fairs, and Pow Wow cultural events. She’s happily married to David, aka Batman.


E.V. Borjon is a pen name which differentiates her eccentric writing persona from her boring, normal momma life. Her friends and family know her as Sandra Torrez Bruce. She's Native American of mixed descent and choose the Borjon name while exploring her family tree.

Of course, she enjoys myths and folklore from around the world. She was especially fascinated by her grandmother's stories of South Texan, Mexican, and Native American folklore. With relatively few books in comparison, she wanted to re-imagine some. Hence, the birth of her American mythology fantasy world that is the Legacy Lost series.

Hope you enjoy exploring old myths in new worlds with E.V. Borjon.


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